Its The Future!

Q. How much is it?

A. Ask me what it is and then do your research!


Q. OK, so What is it!?

A. It’s the future!
All wrapped up in a little wheel.  I bought mine from, I was tempted by the possibility of trying before I bought as you never know with electric/motor things what is under the cover.  I know people who have bought them cheaper from China but have not seen them out and about on them.


It is small –

  • good for storage
  • taking on public transport

Allows you to get about at a relatively good running speed

  • You arrive without the sweat

It is a serene and enjoyable form of transport

  • It is a beautiful meditation of where you put your body weight, so every ride I am with awareness in my feet and exploring my posture.
  • For that Acro flyers out there, you also get to explore how to hold shape and give weight with subtle adjustments.

In Summery

  • Freedom of a bike
  • Agility of a pedestrian
  • Presence of a yogin! – because it requires a little skill to ride, it keeps your awareness on what you are doing



Attention it draws

  • Why is this a bad thing…

On the whole this is harmless, people stopping and looking; although many are drawn to say something stupid or try to say something clever.  The most frequent things said are:

  • That’s sick
  • How much is it
  • I want one
  • Surprisingly few people ask what it is, so that they could actually find out everything else.

All these things people feel drawn to say gets a bit much.

  • I don’t know them from Adam, and they will sometimes interrupt what I am doing, even if I am clearly in conversation with someone else!
  • Also it is my normal, and while I appreciate seeing something new, and looked with amazement at the first one I saw, I am getting on with my life and to be constantly appreciative of other peoples sense of wonder, particularly when it is delivered with an un-thought-out-stupor; is just tiresome.

Still too heavy

While this is the future, the improvements that should and will probably be made in time are:

  • Make it lighter – it is ok for me as I am a strong 80kg man, but it can be a bit of a pain when you have it with you all the time and have to carry it.
  • Slightly faster – I think the speed is more or less right. As I was building my confidence riding it I wouldn’t want any more speed, but actually a little more would be safer in certain situations.
  • Longer battery life – Don’t get me wrong, its already good and mostly lasts me the day, but there are days when I’m travelling real slow to try and preserve the battery so I don’t have to carry it home!
  • Smaller charger – If there was an easy to carry charger that didn’t take up much space that would also be good.  The charger is not heavy but it is big so it’s a pain to fill your bag with it.

People do not yet understand your rhythm

  • While people are stopping and gawking at you they often stop on the slopey bit of the pavement where you want to roll down.
  • You are not as fast as a bike so do not comfortably ride with cyclists, and walkers are challengingly slow, so it is difficult to combine balance, riding at walking pace and hold a conversation!

Winter riding

  • When its cold it can get very cold, especially on longer journeys.  You are just standing there, creating wind as you move along but not moving a muscle!


Would I recommend it?

Yes, and they are surprisingly affordable already. I would recommend going for a more powerful one if you are strong enough to carry the 14 or so kgs.

And the option to test ride before you buy from is a good investment.  If like me you do not understand all the figures and promises before you have ridden it, in my opinion it is better to spend the money on something you know.

If you found my review useful and buy one from, share the love and let them know that I helped you make up your mind 🙂


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