Jamming – aka: Playing / Training / Self Practice (with a partner!)

Jamming   –   aka: Playing / Training / Self Practice (with a partner!)
I am a big advocate of self-practice in yoga, it is where all the real learning happens. While a good Teacher, Guide or Playing partner has the potential to show you some doorways to new worlds of discovery, you till have to go and discover it yourself!


Getting Started

3 is a good number of people to start playing as you can fill the roles of Base, Flyer & Spotter.  Once you are happy that you can Safely bring yourselves to the floor in many random situations, 2 people can also do a lot together.

Communication & Timing is really important. Short, Sharp and Quick is good in not so balanced situations. Fuller explanations of why it wasn’t working or how much we love each other, what we will do next, etc are better saved for situations where people feel grounded and orientated in space!

Good spotters make the best parents!
You are there to make safe whatever the activity, and interested in what the kids are doing. But ultimately you are helping them become independent and able to manage without you.


Intention, Location, Skillset 

Everything starts from an intention, so put it out there. Be brave and let others know that you want to play.

London is a big place and if you have to travel for several hours to meet up, chances are that it wont happen too often.

This is about what you are comfortable doing.
Mind: If you are the sort of person that likes to be in control with your feet on the ground, chances are you are a base.  If you are happier flying through the air knowing that all is safe as someone will catch you, chances are you are a flyer!
Body: It is also to do with what nature has given you.  If you are Big, you are more of a base; if you are Small, you are more of a flyer.
It is possible to be a big monster flyer or a small ant-like base, but on the whole this is a tougher place to be. E.g. if you are a 200kg monster, finding someone willing to base you might be tough.  Similarly, if you are the smallest in the room, and everyone who goes up on your feet or shoulders quickly returns to the earth with just a bruise or two to show for their efforts… However, with the right monsters and ants around it can be a lot of fun!

Putting it out there
I’m thinking that a good format for posts are something along the lines of:

When, Where (Location, Accommodate or travel), Skillset

When                       Hoping to play this weekend
Where                      NW10 – Could move furniture and make space for 3 if it rains
Know a great spot in Queens Park
Skillset                     Monster Flyer, happy to base

Bring ideas of what to work on:
A good resource of things to work on is www.acropedia.org
The BodhiTrix Players deck is also something useful for encouraging creativity and jamming ideas www.bodhitrix.net

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